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What's in a Name?

Today, I’m reflecting on the true meaning behind a name and how our names can affect us on a subconscious level.

My first name, Grace is my christened name, but lately I’ve been thinking about the meaning of my middle name. It’s a native name (I’m not telling😅), given to me by my grandfather before he passed, and one which I still carry as my middle name. The short version means “I know”. The long version is “I know the countenance and looks around me”. I had always thought it meant that I could figure out assholes pretty fast, and believe me, I can 😁. Though that’s not all there is to it.

Lately I’ve been thinking that maybe my soul does go by that name. Maybe that’s a clue to what my soul is all the words “I know”. So does it mean it knows about all things? Well I think every soul does, but the problem is we don't always listen🤷🏽‍♀️.

In many ancient cultures, before naming a child, the pregnant mother would have to consult with the oldest elder of the village weeks shy of childbirth. The particular elder, in support of other elders, would have rituals to tune into the spirit world and try to communicate with the soul of that child, and to find out what its purpose is in the world. Once the elders are able to communicate with the soul of the unborn, the child would be named based on its soul’s mission. The naming is done after the birth of the child.

Many would call it weird, new age woo-woo...or even spooky 😂.

Though I bet even the holier-than-thou religion fanatics know deep down that there’s something unique about who they truly are, that they have a life purpose, and that maybe there’s just something about their names, even if it’s a christened one like “Paul”, “Grace”, “Esther”, etc. The truth is: Every name has an effect on the bearer. No wonder some people choose to change their names.

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we could just figure it all out? But that’s how it’s meant to be - you can’t just ‘figure it all out’. How boring would life be if we could. Well, here’s a theory (please take it only with a pinch of salt!): The moment we actually do figure it all out, we’d either be pretty close to leaving, moments before, or already six feet under🙈.

So even if your name makes you act out certain way on the subconscious level, and even if it’s connected to your life purpose, it doesn’t mean you have it all figured out. It’s all part of the puzzle. The things you do, your personality, and your name will take you places, make you see and experience stuff which will eventually lead you on the right path.

Does it make sense? Well I hope it does. Enough thinking for today 😅.

Wishing you all a happy Friday ❤️.

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