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Unlocking The Treasures Within

How do you connect with your true self? Who are you really? What’s the link between abundance and your authentic self? How do you manifest success in your life?

In Your Truth, author Grace Denker helps you discover that the seed of abundance is already planted in you, and she teaches you to harvest its fruits. Using her life experiences and lessons learned as a backdrop, she offers a spiritual guide, each chapter shedding light on the power you have within to create abundance in your life.

For anyone struggling with societal demands, with outside influences, and with peer pressure, Your Truth contains wisdom and thoughts that have empowered and guided Denker personally and professionally. Through these messages, she communicates you can find your core, break free from traditions no longer serving you, and learn to connect to your authentic self. Nothing is beyond your reach.


The Authentic Self

In order to understand how to change the world by being yourself, it is crucial to first ask yourself the question: who am I? 

So who are you? Are you the person you see when you stand in front of the mirror? Are you the body you see every day, or is there a you you don’t know about? We often let society define who we are, who we ought to be, and who we will become. We attend schools embodied by concepts and rules that define who we should be. Curriculums are developed, and restrictions are put in place for everyone, assuming a fixed identity for everyone. We grow up remodeling ourselves to match a certain concept shaped by the society we live in. 

The big question is: is that person really you? Well, the answer is: yes it is you, but it is not your authentic self. You embody an authentic self you might not even be aware of. We tend to only know and identify with what we see. The authentic self is the part of us that never changes. It is always the same and is the part of us that is divine and connected to God. It is the soul.

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