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A Reflection on Faith and Humanity

Consider this: There is nothing more powerful than the revelation of your soul. Jesus was perceived as a threat and was executed not because he carried weapons, but because he bared his soul.


I am not here to challenge or justify your beliefs, regardless of your faith or interpretation of religion and the story of God incarnate as Jesus among us. In today's world, where religion and society have undergone significant changes, many individuals may question the concept of God and the teachings of Christ. However, when I contemplate the story of Jesus, I do so not through a religious lens, but from a spiritual perspective. I embrace all faiths, recognizing that each offers valuable lessons. While I greatly admire Jesus as a remarkable teacher, my admiration stems from a spiritual connection rather than a religious one.


There is a universal presence that guides us in life, transcending geographical and cultural boundaries. This presence influences our beliefs, traditions, religions, and relationships. The essence of Jesus and the spirit he embodied resonate deeply within me. While I lean more towards spirituality than organized religion, I approach the teachings of the Bible with a soulful interpretation, acknowledging the hidden messages and deeper meanings contained within its verses.


One aspect of Jesus' story that remains with me is the profound love he expressed towards humanity. Even if you do not believe in anything else, surely you believe in love? Consider the story of a man, his journey, teachings, interactions with people, and the immense love he had for them. If that level of love does not inspire you, then perhaps the film "The Passion of the Christ" will. It is a poignant watch.


Did you know that the actor who portrayed Jesus in the film shares the initials J.C. and was 33 years old during filming? Here is an excerpt about the film:


"Mel Gibson reportedly warned Jim that the character would be very challenging and that accepting it could lead to him being marginalized in Hollywood. Caviezel asked for a day to think about it, and his response was: 'I think we have to do it, even if it's hard.' And one more thing, my initials are J.C. and I'm 33 years old. 'I hadn't realized it until now.' Mel responded candidly, 'You're scaring me.' During the set, Jim Caviezel (playing Jesus) lost 45 pounds, was struck by lightning, accidentally whipped twice, leaving a 14-inch scar, dislocated his shoulder, and suffered pneumonia and hypothermia from hanging almost naked on a cross for several hours. His body was so stressed and exhausted from playing the role that he had to undergo two open-heart surgeries after the production. The crucifixion scene alone took five weeks to film. 'I don’t want people to see me. I just want them to see Jesus. Through that, conversions will happen.' Strange occurrences were reported on set, with some experiencing profound spiritual transformations."


Easter is a celebration of enduring love, and trust in the unseen. It is a reflection on faith and humanity. Whether you believe in Jesus or not, may you experience this profound love and find peace. May your faith be strengthened, and may you find solace wherever your soul finds rest. Amen.

Easter: A Reflection on Faith and Humanity

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