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The Apple as Symbolism in the Human Experience

Yesterday, as I was cutting up some apples to flavour our Christmas dinner, I had an epiphany about the apple and its use as symbolism in the human experience.🍏 🍎


In many ways, it is used as a symbol for life and innocence. Expressions like "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" and "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree" indicate the importance of staying connected to the source of life. In the fairy tale of Snow White, the poisoned apple represents the hardships and difficulties one can encounter in life, while the dwarves or the prince symbolize the special people who can help us find harmony again.


In the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible, the apple is also used as a symbol for life, with the forbidden fruit - the apple - symbolizing the departure from innocence and a soul-oriented life. It is another classic example of how the Bible uses symbolic meanings and parables to convey a message that may seem confusing in a literal sense.


In my interpretation, the story of Adam and Eve signifies the loss of our inherent innocence as we navigate through life. Again, the apple is used to represent life and the challenges or "eating of the fruit" that lead to this loss. The Creator's instruction to Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit of life is a reminder not to lose this innocence on our journey through life, as it connects us to the divine.


Our inherent innocence manifests in various ways. It connects us to all beings and is present in moments of compassion, trust, and love. It allows us to experience miracles and be protected from harm. It is what connects us to music, dance, and art. It also helps remove people from our lives for our own well-being. By preserving our inherent innocence, we approach life with the openness and purity of an infant. Therein lie the true secrets of a fulfilled life.


When Eve and Adam ate the forbidden fruit, they suddenly became aware of their nakedness. This moment marked the loss of trust in life and the acceptance of separation, leading to a separation from the source of life, be it God, the universe, or a higher power one believes in. They felt "naked," fearful, and insecure for the first time, even though they had always been "naked" before. When we succumb to the challenges of life and lose our inherent innocence, fear creeps in.


The story of Adam and Eve teaches us about the journey of life and the separation from our soul. It reminds us of the importance of staying true to ourselves as we navigate through life and maintaining the connection to the divine power within us. This connection is crucial for us to succeed in this life and fulfill our mission. Here lie the true treasures of life.


So as you encounter the challenges and hardships of life, never lose trust in life and always remember your true essence. You are a being of love, and the inner light you possess is incredibly radiant, capable of illuminating the world around you. Never lose sight of this profound truth.

The Apple as Symbolism

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