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The Body and Soul Connection

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

The reason the world is in such a state of separation and conflict is because people are constantly using their minds and bodies to express what is inconsistent with their soul. Body, mind and soul must work in harmony. Imagine you are a soul walking around in a body. When you want to express or effect something on the physical plane, you communicate with your body and the body expresses the desires of the soul.

The truth is that souls can communicate with each other and only need the body when the communication needs expression in physical form. We're constantly communicating with other souls without physical contact. For example, when someone dies, you don't just forget them or stop feeling their presence. You just stop seeing them in physical form, but they're still there, just not in the space of the body you've become accustomed to seeing them in. What remains are the memories and a presence that you cannot see, but that is the person and that you can feel. You were used to interacting and communicating with that person in physical form. When they die, they lose their bodies and you physically stop interacting with them. We haven't mastered the ability to interact with souls in the non physical form. Sometimes it happens in random experiences and we're quick to brush them off as coincidences. It is probably for a reason that it is kept a mystery from mankind.

It’s pretty much like when someone walks out of a room but you still feel a lingering presence. That presence is the soul, not the person actually physically being there.

"It’s pretty much like when someone walks out of a room but you still feel a lingering presence. That presence is the soul, not the person actually physically being there."

So you know about the mind-body connection, but how do you apply this concept to your personal and professional life?

Think about what happens when your body, instead of working with the soul, starts working with the mind and ego and starts doing things that are inconsistent with what your soul wants and needs. What do you think would happen over time? If you know, then:

Why choose job A over job B when you know job A will make your soul miserable? Are your mind and ego telling you that money is more important?

Why spend more and more time with people who drain your energy? Is it fear, hypocritical beliefs, peer pressure, or because of the ego?

Why choose a relationship that doesn't have a deep soul connection? Is it because the mind has convinced you that other factors are more important?

Why abuse the soul in misaligned sexual acts? When the soul needs to express love, it works with the body and makes love. Yet many people can and would simply do it without connection and without feeling love. What's the point of that sort of self abuse?

Why go to war when it is clear that innocent lives will be sacrificed? Again, here is an example of complete separation from the soul.

Why so much discrimination and hatred towards other bodies that look different than what the mind and ego are used to? The soul is faceless, ageless, and related to other souls. Put simply, we are all connected, but the preconditioned mindset makes people think and believe differently, leading to disconnection.

The list goes on…

What many are unaware of is that there is only separation in body state. Souls, on the other hand, work in conjunction and as a collective. The more souls are abused, the deeper the collective sinks into misery.

Working in harmony with the soul is the key to lasting happiness and success. It sounds too easy, doesn't it? Because that's how it's supposed to be. We humans love complicating things.

The school system is not designed to teach us such things. It is a wisdom that we must consciously remember and embody in every decision we make and in all our endeavors. It doesn't have to make sense to the mind or to the majority of people. However, it is part of our true nature and who we are. Alignment with this truth is a sure key to harmony, happiness and abundance.

Working together with the ego means training the ego to do it’s job so we can thrive in a materialistic world. It’s not about letting it control us. Ego-oriented superficiality only works in the short term. Making it a permanent way of life will only lead to unhappiness and will not help much in fulfilling your soul's purpose. So always strive for deep, soulful connections.

Just some food for thought.

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