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Letting Go of Fear

Fear keeps us from doing a lot in life. It stops us from seeing the good in others and in ourselves. It causes us to make bad decisions and makes us perceive happenings around us with a feeling of insecurity. Fear can be triggered by stressful experiences or by our attachment to external factors or people around us. It is sometimes triggered by a sudden shift or change in what we are normally used to, changes in the sort of behaviour we are accustomed to, and when unexpected or life-changing events occur.

Grace Denker & Charly
Blissful Nature

We cannot always control external factors around us. Even when we think we are controlling circumstances and people around us, the reality is usually different. We might succeed in doing so for a short time but in the long-term, life will take its course and things will shift back to how they were meant to be.

In order to free oneself from fear and pain, one has to learn to accept circumstances as they unfold, knowing since that life and reality can neither be shaped nor remodelled at our convenience to suit our expectations.

Spiritual freedom comes from accepting things as they are, knowing that everything happens for a reason and works out for the greater good. Being spiritually self-reliant means letting go and accepting the natural course of events and happenings around you without trying to manipulate them.

Instead of letting fear control your life, always try to see beyond it and let your creative power take control.


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