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Angels Don't Fly

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

She’s lost in a dream. A scroll opens up in front of her and she reads it…

When cupid’s arrow strikes, it’s indiscriminate. It strikes when you least expect it. It hits you hard, piercing through your heart and binding you to the one who crosses the path of the flying arrow. When cupid strikes, time, age, race, origin, distance, and geographical region don’t mean a thing. You are left at its mercy and you dare not fight it. Try to fight it, and the arrow will sink even deeper, spreading the ink of desire beyond your control. Give in, and you’ll be taken on a flight up above the clouds. A flight so enchanting and beyond your imagination. Yes, when it strikes, you could lose your mind. Cupid couldn't care less if you’re prepared or not. It teams up with destiny to bring you to your knees.

A whisper in her ears, stirring her awake. Her sleepy eyes tries to regain focus. A bunch of flowers before her eyes – a beautiful bouquet. A splash of colours and a dose of happiness. Stronger than coffee. She beams. It’s 6:30 am. She looks up at the flower-bearer blinking at his awesomeness. Then he says something so sweet, so poetic even in its simplicity:

"Happy anniversary, my black Angel."

For a moment she is mesmerized. She basks in the love and affection and reciprocates it just as much. Then something registers and she panicks. An Angel?

She could handle titles and responsibilities….But Angel? What if she couldn’t maintain that title?

She: Honey…Angels fly…and live in heaven. I don’t even have wings… and I live here on this corona-ridden planet. What if I can’t deliver that much?

A pause.

She: What if I fall?

He looks deep into her eyes.

Him: Angels don’t fly. Angels aren’t perfect, and Angels don’t fall…unless they’re pushed.

True. Who says Angels need to have wings. They walk the surface of the earth. Maybe she’s one. She smiles. She is going to take it one day at a time. Just focus on the present moment. Yes, the present moment holds the key. She will accept the title and be an Angel today. An Angel in the present. She doesn’t have to worry about tomorrow, and not even about a pandemic messing with people’s heads. Yes she’ll be an Angel today. In this present moment. And see what tomorrow brings.

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