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Be Thankful You Are Not Connected Everyday

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Sometimes we feel connected to source and sometimes we don’t. What is important to know, is that source which is within each and every one of us, helps us manifest that which we constantly occupy our thoughts with and allow into our consciousness. There is no separation or selection in universal terms which means, if you constantly allow negative thoughts into your consciousness, that is what will be manifested the moment you connect with source. Also, if you constantly put positive thoughts into your consciousness, then you will experience positive manifestations.

This happened to me a few days ago.

There is a traffic camera I drive past every day, on my way to work. It is positioned in front of the traffic lights which means it functions when you overspeed and when you fail to stop at the red lights. I am not someone who usually over-speeds but for whatever reasons, every day, I would have this fear of being flashed so I would be conscious of my speed, slow down and stop at the yellow lights whenever I got close. For years I never got flashed by the dreaded camera, then just a few days ago, something happened.

I was driving close to the camera and I did what I always do – checked my speed, stopped right on time at the yellow light, and waited for the traffic lights to turn green. Then a peculiar song came up on the radio. It flowed right through me and took me back to the days of my youth. To days when you laughed so hard that your stomach hurt. To days when sheer innocence helped you see beyond the evils of the world, when your happiness resonated so much within your being and you laughed so much that you started to cry. In that moment, I felt so relaxed and free from any form of worries. I felt so carried away that it made me close my eyes for a few seconds. I was connected.

It all took seconds but little did I know that the foot I had on the brakes had relaxed and that my car was rolling way beyond the stop line…

Then I got flashed. Oops!

Now I have to wait for the fine to come through the post. I might even have to give up my driver’s license for a month which is a pain in the butt, yet a confirmation that our fears can become our reality if we are constantly occupied with them. It was a fear I had kept and had on my mind almost every single day. It was something I was preoccupied with, seconds before I connected with source. That constant “thought” I had, finally created an outcome. Unfortunately it was not a good outcome but the good news is that ever since that incidence, I drive past that spot with a lighter feeling. I guess it comes from the Knowing that I’ve already been through the worst case of being flashed by a traffic camera 😅

Any kind of experience is nourished by thought and by the mind. Whatever you constantly feed your mind with, can become your reality. In order to block out negative feelings, you have to start by working on the mind. Whenever you occupy your thoughts with a particular thing, the universe takes it as a sign that it is something important to you and will indiscriminately work out so-called coincidences to make it a reality for you.

Those spiritually conscious know that manifestations occur whenever we're connected to source. So maybe it’s not a bad thing after all that we’re not always connected. Think of all the wildest dreams and fears which we would be able to bring into life if we did.

Be thankful 💖

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