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A Dose of Happiness

Happiness isn't just a state of mind, it's a state of being. It comes from within, that's true, but sometimes it's tough... It's tough when you’re experiencing the world going insane, things falling apart and innocent people getting killed. It's hard because everything we hang our happiness on can be wiped out in the blink of an eye, and that much is true too. But that doesn't mean we should halt in the pursuit of happiness. This does not mean that we should stop feeling deeply connected to others and stop finding happiness and pleasure in such connections. After all, the soul needs attachment, it is the spirit that needs freedom.

Yes, happiness is a rarity in these times, but it doesn't mean we should keep junk-feeding our souls. Anger, frustration, fear, sadness are all legitimate emotions that we cannot run away from. The best we can do is let the emotions flow through us and express them in healthy ways...

Scream if you want

Sleep if you must

Turn off the News if you can

Pray if you believe.

Just a few weeks ago the world seemed to have other problems, and I was striving to rise above them... problems that, in hindsight, seem so small now. Now we're all pretty much kept on our toes and learning to appreciate every blessed moment of sanity. We are also becoming more aware of the truth that we’re all connected and distance does not change feelings - as intensely as one can feel love and joy from a distance, one can also feel the intensity of suffering, even if it is from a distance. Yes, the threat of a virus is a cause for concern, but the greatest source of fear is human cruelty and the atrocities humans can wreak on the world when evil consumes their souls.

In times like these, people not only worry about their lives, but also about the lives of their loved ones. We would do anything to protect and save those we love, especially our offsprings, but what pains us most is that catastrophic events, beyond our control and caused by crazy minds, could render us powerless to do anything. That keeps most of us up at night. That's what people fear the most.

I am thankful for life and try not to worry about what awaits us in the future. I practice acceptance and allow each moment to unfold. Whenever I need an instant shot of happiness, all I have to do is hold someone I love very tightly and I'll get my dose of feel-good vibes in an instant. I invite you to do the same - it helps and it works.

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