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Platonic Friendships

Today, I’m reflecting on platonic friendships between both sexes. The beauty of keeping a sacred friendship with no strings attached and not wanting ‘more’. A platonic kind of love - not trying to manipulate circumstances and outcomes to get more out of a friendship. I speak about the beauty of simply letting life unfold and not yielding to the temptation of contaminating a beautiful friendship because of the demands of the flesh.

A friendship devoid of illusion and false impressions but full of sincerity and honesty. I reflect upon the value and worth one has for another, cherishing the person enough to want to keep a friendship sacred and soulful without carnal intentions. Those who can do this, truly understand the divine gift of love ❤️.

Some people in some cultures would criticize a woman who is free and expresses herself without inhibitions saying “Stop doing that, you’re attracting ‘hunters’!”. Well, we’re living in the 21st century. Freedom of expression is a beautiful thing which doesn’t translate into availability nor should it turn anyone into a prey or a caged bird 🤷🏽‍♀️.

When we see a bird spreading and flaunting its beautiful wings up in the sky, our first instinct is never to hunt it down. We neither shoot it down nor encage it, we simply enjoy the sight, express gratitude and appreciate the beauty of nature. The bird might fly to us, and we may for a split moment, get the chance to bask in its beauty before it takes flight. Same way, it’s possible to resist temptation in a platonic relationship. Yes, it’s possible 😇.

So why then do some people have the urge to encage or hunt down birds that just want to flaunt their feathers? Why do humans always demand and want more?

Now that’s some food for thought 💭.

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