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There's More To You Than Meets The Eye

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Have you ever wondered why it is that you have a certain sense of knowing about things before they happen? Mothers for example, tend to have a strong sense of knowing when it comes to their children. Some can tell that their child is ill even before any signs or symptoms start showing. Some can feel the emotions of their children even when they live far away. Have you ever wondered why it is that when you’re sometimes thinking about someone you care about, the person would contact you out of the blue? Or why when you’re thinking about someone, within the same minute the person would call or send a text message.

You might have heard time and time again that we’re all made up of energies and that your energy is your spirit or soul. The idea that we’re made up of energies is not some new age theory. It is backed up by scientific evidence (See Electrography or Kirlian’s Experiments).

Energies are interconnected and vibrate on different frequencies. This isn’t myth. Scientific investigations have confirmed this time and time again. If you’re familiar with using radios, try to imagine how they work and why certain frequencies operate only on certain channels. Or even think of how ECG and electrical activities of the heart work.

So, if we are made up of energies, then certainly by law of physics, there should be some sort of connection between inanimate objects, right? Yes, as much as humans like to create separations and divisions amongst themselves, one fact remains: We are all connected and all objects and life forms vibrate on different energy levels which creates variety in looks, appearances, taste, colours, smell, etc.. We are attracted to energy vibrating on the same frequency as ours, regardless of form or appearance.

In one experiment, white blood cells were taken from a man who had served in the navy and put in a petri dish in another room. The scientists attached electrodes on the patient to measure the electrical activity of his body. They then showed him war images of Kamikazes pilots which reminded him of his experience during the war and caused him extreme anxiety. His white blood cells in the petri dish in the other room was also placed on an instrument to measure the electrical activity at the same time. The same electrical measurements were taken from the man and his white blood cells in the petri dish. This shocked the scientists. So the experiment was done again, this time taking the petri dish to another laboratory miles away but the results matched the readout from the electrodes on the man’s body (Reference: Dr. Deepak Chopra). This goes to show that our thoughts are energies which affects those around us, that there is more to us than meets the eye, and that there is a supreme intelligence at work in our lives.

If still you’re still having doubts about there being a master mind and supreme intelligence behind existence in this universe, just take a good look around you, go deep within yourself, and into nature. That’s where you’ll find the truth and all the answers.

The sooner we realise that this Supreme Being, Mastermind, Great Divine, God, or whatever you want to call it, also resides in each and every life form, the sooner we would develop our own unique ways of communicating with it, and tapping into the unique gifts bestowed on us. And if you fear God or think he is a fierce being who would strike you down if you’re naughty, or disobey him, then you better think again [You Truth: Unlocking The Treasures Within].

“I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God.” - Rumi

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