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The Soul Does Not Need Fixing

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

I love spending time in nature because it keeps me grounded and it’s time when I do most of my reflections. Today, I was thinking about a blog article I wrote about a year ago. In the blog, I wrote about how lucky we are not to be connected to source energy every day. Some might be wondering why I consider it lucky especially since a lot of people spend a remarkable amount of time in meditation, trying to connect. I did give my reasons in the blog.

I have to say though that sometimes that sort of connection comes to me effortlessly and I wonder if it is linked to a kind of calling. One which I ever so often try to shy away from. I would come up with all sorts of excuses why I didn’t want to be connected 'right now', that I didn't want to channel stuff, that many people are not that evolved and won’t get it, that I’m not in the right environment, that I've got too much work, and so on. But the urge never stops and gets even stronger especially when I’m in nature. Yes, the struggle is real.

Well today, I would like to share this little message with you:

You may be spending hours and years in meditation, in contemplation, reading numerous literature, doing therapy, trying to “fix something” trying to find an answer, trying to find a cure, or trying to get close to something divine which is already there and closer than you could ever imagine.

But what I’m called to share with you today is that you really don’t need to fix anything. The soul doesn’t need fixing, it needs FEEDING. Yes that’s right -

once you’re able to recognize this and actively start feeding your soul, your days of trying to “fix” something will be numbered. Sadly instead of seeking therapy, a lot of people resort to addictions of all sorts and of varying degrees, including workaholism, drinking, drugs, smoking, etc., in an effort to “fix” themselves.

You do not need fixing, what you need is to FEED YOUR SOUL. Now you might ask: so how exactly do I do that?

Well, there are so many ways you can do this and one of the core truths in this, lies in stepping into the extraordinary and sacred. Using your imagination, cultivating your own personal form of religion, spirituality, and identity - one devoid of organised religion.

You can also feed your soul by being affected by beauty and individuality and simply allowing yourself to be taken. Not resisting. Reliving and revisiting the feeling over and over again until it dissipates as energy into the universe. Beauty can be found in many things - in art, nature, poetry, etc.

Another core TRUTH on feeding your soul lies in connection and INTIMACY.

We’re all yearning for a deep connection. It doesn’t always have to be about relationships. It’s also about being deeply connected to something and being FULLY PRESENT.

It could be a passion. A drive.

Something that gives you strength and purpose.

Something that makes your heart sing.

Many carry on for years not finding that something, not finding that someone…not finding that place, not finding that essence. This creates a deeply seated unrest which makes them start thinking they need “fixing”. They carry on until they find a therapist who helps them uncover the truth of what their souls truly need. Good therapists don’t fix people, they guide them.

So finally you’re able to find the right ingredients and you start feeding your soul the right nourishments...or better still:

You fall in LOVE.

Then what?

You experience something extraordinary which quenches your soul’s thirst. You experience something magical. Although for some, it could also be a source of endless pain and misery, but for many, the pain and suffering linked with love is a portal through which they access their depths and purpose. Same goes for life - it's not always a bed of roses. An unearthed gem sometimes need to be polished for it to glitter. Love in its raw and rugged form, can sometimes help you access that place of divinity within. It is one of the ingredients that nourishes your soul.

So the next time you think you might have a problem and that your soul needs fixing, just PAUSE and try to find out what your soul needs to be fed with. Only you know what your soul truly needs. The longer you resist, the longer the suffering.

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