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The Longings of The Soul

Are we back on the rat race after the initial shock of the pandemic?

What is actually happening to humanity?

The pandemic forced a significant slowdown, which meant many people had to confront their shadows and issues, rather than running from them as they routinely would, using work and other socially acceptable addictions and vices to hide from the truth.

So is healing actually taking place as things begin to return to normal, or is attention being diverted from the cries of the soul? Are we caring for the soul now that many of the pandemic restrictions have been lifted, or have we silenced its cries? These are questions that every individual who seeks the TRUTH must ask themselves. All the answers lie within.

One thing is for sure, no amount of alcohol, work, wealth, or addictive indulgences will ever heal the fear, insecurity, and anxiety that people carry within them. It takes real work and a consistent, soul-friendly lifestyle. Going within helps us understand that the pandemic was never really the problem. It's a society that revolves around a hustle culture, one that strips people of their true identities, applauds workaholism, discourages care of the soul, and defines who and what one shall become. That's the problem. Neither the pandemic nor the lockdowns. The lockdowns only forced people to confront their psyche because they had nowhere to go, no job to hide under, and no excuses.

My invitation to you today is to listen to the cries of your soul and the longings of your heart. Make peace with the empty space within and you will see that the empty space is a source of TRUTH.

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