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The Contract

This week I’d like to share something quite profound with you - a concept that each and every one of us on this planet came here on a CONTRACT. We make several contracts in the spirit world before we are even born. Then we need to forget them at birth so we can have the gift of CHOICE in life.

So what does each contract require of us? It requires us to find each and every piece of our souls. Yes, that’s right. You have to find every single piece and you can not reach a state of spiritual wholesomeness and completion unless you find all pieces. So basically our SPIRITUAL GOAL in life is to find every piece of our souls. Every single one.

Have you ever visited a place, seen something, or met someone and no matter how hard you try, you can’t get them out of your mind and you would give anything to see that place, thing or person again? I can imagine you have.

Why does that happen?

Well that happens because they hold a piece of your soul. Your job is to retrieve it and until you do you will find NO REST.

Once you fulfill each contract, you will feel a sense of liberation. A feeling of lightness and fulfillment that enables your soul to move on to the next phase of its evolution. When we fulfill all our contracts, we achieve what many would call "enlightenment" - a state of completion and perfection. A state of bliss.

A similar feeling you get when you pass all the exams needed to achieve a certain goal.

We can not retrieve our pieces and attain fulfillment when there’s disconnection and separation around us. This is where LOVE comes into the equation. Somehow, love is part of the formula which connects you with wherever, whatever and whoever is holding a piece of you.

And in a world where love is becoming extremely scarce, so that its scarcity becomes a threat to our psyche and existence, nature or the universe has a way of stepping in to save us. One way it does this is through a forced shared experience - a universal event that would force people to reconnect. Sometimes it can be a devastating experience and many will not understand. Some would call it unfair but fail to see the underlying spiritual layout of things, aka the great design of the universe.

We are often too blind to see and sadly many will remain blind until they transition…The truth is, if existing on A PLANET held up and rotating in EMPTY SPACE doesn’t amaze you, then nothing will - not even a concept about The Grand Design of Life.

So the next time you have a strong and unexplained feeling of an unfinished business or restlessness, remember:

You can’t sleep

You can’t feel

You can’t rest

Until you retrieve that piece

And fulfill your contract

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