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Safe Haven

A lot has changed for a lot of people around the world today because life doesn’t always abide by our expectations and it doesn’t always turn out the way we want it to. It follows its own set of rules. It teams up with the universe and gives you what you need, not always what you want.

Just when we think we’ve got it all figured out, we experience something so profound, it sets us completely off balance. It rocks our world and we respond by fighting and resisting it. A life we once thought of as stable, suddenly becomes uncertain, and we refuse to heed its cries for transformation. Instead, we struggle, holding on to what we think is true – fading memories and fragments of a life we once knew. We let pride, ego, pretentiousness, and arrogance infiltrate our hearts. We want to live full lives, yet we resist and ignore our deep yearnings for truth, harmony, soul-connection, and love.

We crave a Safe Haven – a quest for normality which pushes us further into the depths of anxiety. We can feel something is missing, yet we try to keep obsolete structures and traditions firmly intact, not realising that the more we deny the truth, the longer we would have to live in our predicaments. We fail to see that even safe havens are prone to adversities, just like no firmly built structure is immune to love.

The whole experience leaves us pondering the questions: should we continue fighting transformation or do we give in, and welcome change in our lives? Do we stay obsessed with comfort or are we better off breaking out of our comfort zones? Do we truly want to be happy or do we want to live up to others’ expectations? Is a “long-life” lived in deprivation and depression more important than one lived in bliss? Is the body more important than the soul?

Just some food for thoughts 💭.

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