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Lockdown Light: The Things We Don’t Understand, Yet Feel Powerless Against

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

A long while ago, I got into an argument with someone because the person was complaining that my child was not being cooperative about some rules. I know my child and I know that she can be very cooperative if she understood the whole point of the so-called rules. What my sweet child was trying to say was: “I don’t understand why I should do that. It doesn’t make sense to me, so I’m not going to do it”. Now, that’s a very tough pill to swallow especially for an adult in a position of authority. But the last thing we should be doing is raising children to do things that they don't understand, yet have to do them just because it's the rule and that’s how the adults want it.

Imagine being a child raised like that - to trust, respect and do what people in authority wanted without resistance. Now fast forward to you as a fully grown adult. What do you do when confronted with the current corona madness? Of course you do what you’ve always known: you oblige to authority without questions, even if your instinct is telling you something doesn’t add up. Or even worse: you do so because you’re afraid of the huge fine you would have to pay if you refused.

Some would say: “People in other parts of the world have it worse” or “I’m closing my business to protect others”. Really? Is that the only reason why you’re following orders which carry threats of punishment? If that is the case, then good for you. Just be sure that you’ve thought it all out thoroughly, that you’re not being sanctimonious, that you’re being honest to yourself, that you’re not doing it for the money, and that you don’t depend on art to earn your living. Since artists don’t sell art every month, the reality for many artists and cultural establishments is that they won’t be able to take advantage of the “75% compensation” promised by the government. So they will be left with...NOTHING!

COV-19 is a nasty virus. It targets people randomly with the intention to kill. This is not a myth. Some get killed, some get ill, and some get away with it. But the real questions we should be asking ourselves are: How do we see our future? Is it a virus we can manage without all the panic and chaos we’re currently creating and experiencing? Is it a hit or miss situation? Is it a matter of survival of the fittest? Taking precautions against the virus is good – that way, we eliminate death caused by stupidity. But here’s a question for the spiritually conscious: do you really think that if it’s your time to go, there’s very much you can do to prevent it from happening? Same applies if it’s not yet time for you to go – do you really think any virus (be it natural or man-made) can make that happen?

How much do we know about the COV-19 virus? For example, do face masks really prevent the virus from infecting us? Are we all wearing masks because they’re effective or is it because we’ve been told to do so? Yes, it’s a desperate situation and we’re trying to flatten a curve because there are lots of sick cases. But how many of such cases end up in the hospital? Two days ago, I spoke to a nurse who works in one of Hamburg's major hospitals and she said that they have no coronavirus patients in the hospital and that she does not know where the numbers are coming from. She said that they have more cases of depression.

Children are now made to wear masks in classrooms and very recently, also when they’re outside in open air playing during their break time. They have to keep the face masks on at all times. The children don’t like it but can’t do anything about it. Life goes on, no questions asked. And heaven forbid if you are that parent who openly voices an abjection. You’ll be attacked, all in the name of solidarity. How about we stop attacking each other and redefine solidarity by actually standing together, determined to provide a close-to-normal life not just for ourselves, but for our children?

It’s hard being the black sheep. People are now being shamed everywhere, especially on social media, for speaking out their truths about the current regulations. Care is being taken not to offend those who have experienced loss caused by the virus. People don’t want to be labelled, or laughed at for sharing a different perspective. The biggest fear of all is knowing that the virus is always lurking around waiting for the next person to attack and that person could be you or even someone you love. No one wants to be that person who voiced an objection to a bizarre regulation and then got hit by the virus or like some would say, by karma. I don’t know a single person who wouldn’t want the sympathy of others when hit by the virus. This is very understandable. But the result is that people follow the crowd, remain silent about what doesn’t feel right, and do what they’re being told by the authority to do. We literally choose to take the pills being thrown at us even if the pills are not making us feel better. In the helplessness, we resolve to badges instead of bravely using our voices, and actually speaking up.

Now, the second lockdown here in Germany, aka “Lockdown Light”, is being targeted at the Sports, Entertainment, Arts and Cultural branches of the economy. It's as if the guilty finger is being pointed at the things and areas of life which provide care and comfort for the soul. People who care for their souls have the ability to listen to their God-given instinct and can decipher right from wrong. They won’t blindly follow the crowd, and find it difficult to do things which do not resonate with Truth.

With the current regulations, it feels like the government saying to the folks: “work, work, work and pay your taxes, go to school, finish your education, get a job and keep working. You will all have to pay more taxes when this is all over - lots of it. Close all theaters, art galleries, cinemas, sport and fitness clubs, restaurants…close them all! Heaven help you if you so much as care for your soul!”

There are things we do not understand, yet feel powerless to fight against especially if we stand alone. The big question is: are we currently experiencing the transitioning into a soulless nation or is the transition already complete?

I guess only time will tell 🤷🏽‍♀️

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