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Anyone who has ever walked the path of forgiveness knows that the journey involves discomfort. It takes small steps to finally get there, and it's important to give yourself all the time it takes to get there fully.

Forgiveness is about taking back the control someone has over your happiness and freeing the person from the idea that they have the power to hurt you. Forgiveness can also consist of forgiving yourself and letting go of the past. There is a passage in my book Your Truth where I wrote about forgiveness and today I want to share another TRUTH about this message and that is: It is easier said than done, it takes time and courage.

People come into your life to TEACH, LOVE, or catalyze HEALING. The love part is easy. But the teaching part is often accompanied by what many would describe as pain and suffering. Perhaps the path to forgiveness will become clearer and smoother the moment we recognize some of the hurt as hidden lessons to be learned.

We often hear the expression “forgive and forget”. But the question I've been thinking about lately is: are we really supposed to forget? How are we supposed to learn a lesson if we're supposed to forget how it happened? Is it even possible to learn the lesson and forget how it all happened?

Perhaps the phrase should be rephrased as "forgive and never mention it again". That too is difficult for many. If we never mention it again, does that really mean we've forgotten?

FORGIVENESS can happen easily and quickly depending on the situation, but forgetting is the hardest part. We learn, we evolve and we move on, but I don't think we’re meant to forget... or are we?

What do you think: “forgive and forget” or “forgive and never mention again”?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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