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We Truly Do Leave It All Behind

After reading my book, "Your Truth: Unlocking The Treasures Within," a reader asked me what the secret to success is. I replied, "Begin by defining what success means to you. Then, set your intentions and ensure that they align with your soul and with love. Start envisioning and dreaming, and put in the work to turn those dreams into reality. That's the secret in a nutshell."

In reality, intention is the central ingredient of success, and it matters more than most people realize. If your intentions are good and align with your soul, the universe will work in your favor to help you achieve your dreams.

Many people equate success with material wealth, but this is not the only type of success. We should never attach overwhelming importance to material possessions. While material success shouldn't be our number one goal, it can be a byproduct of infusing our work with soul passion. We should hardly ever find ourselves working on something that fails to light our passions.

Material possessions are important, but they should never define who we are, and we shouldn't attach too much value to them. We ought to have enough faith to understand that should we stop resisting and allow ourselves to fall, we will still be caught. We must have enough trust in the universe, God, divine source (or whatever you call it or believe in) to give it all up and start from scratch if it is essential in keeping our dharma intact. Even when some may doubt our capabilities, we still have the strength to prove them wrong and to survive without their support. Indeed, we are resilient, even if that sometimes means silently suffering. Still, it's important to remember that we're never alone; the great divine is always there holding our hand, guiding our paths. All we have to do is stop resisting or finding reason or intellect in everything, but accept that even as intellectual beings, we don’t know everything.

A few years ago, I had an epiphany. I visited a house that belonged to a close friend's mother who had passed on. The friend had inherited the place and wanted to renovate it. As I observed the objects that remained in the house, from the neatly arranged shoes in the hallway, the handbags, the perfume bottles on the bathroom shelves, and even the old car parked in the carport in the backyard, it all struck me vividly:

we truly do leave it all behind!

It's a well-known fact that we won't take any of our possessions with us when we pass on. Still, many people prioritize their lives based on material possessions instead of focusing on what truly counts. This may be worth some thought and exploration.

The moral of this story is that success is not wholly determined by the things we own or acquire. It's about doing what aligns with our soul, sending good intentions out to the universe, and pursuing our passions. Material success is simply a byproduct of intention and hard work. After successfully meeting our goals, we need to recognize when enough is enough, resist greed, and avoid constant competition, while we embrace progress and the evolution of our soul's path. Ignoring our soul's calling and need to evolve may result in self-entrapment, restlessness, and unhappiness, even for those who are remarkably famous and successful.

My blessings for today is that you never feel trapped and that you enjoy the abundance and success that aligns with your soul.

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