The Puppet Show

Pandemic times call for drastic measures. That much is true. Covid-19 is real and it’s taking lives. So the concept of “living your bliss” in these strange times can seem very far-fetched. Even worse, anyone who voices the bitter effects the drastic regulations have on the sanity of mankind, is doomed. Regardless of how truly senseless some of the measures are, you say something about it out loud, you are doomed. You might not be a conspiracy theorist or a Covidiot, but the moment you voiced out a loophole in the system, you would be publicly shamed, insulted, labelled, and called names. So the result is that when some people have good intentions, arguments and knowledge which could help shed light on more feasible and humane solutions to a problem, they end up doing nothing and would rather stay quiet. And why is that? Well, because we’re all in in puppet show.

In this puppet show, you have the puppet master and the stringed puppets. Those sitting at the top in politics hold the strings and control the puppets. They write the stories and make crucial decisions which determine how the show runs. The whole show is inspired by their own lives. So if the puppet master (or let’s say mistress) had a full social life, went to the theaters, galleries, gym, loved art, hung out with friends and family, ate out at restaurants, went out for fun shopping, and basically did all the things which add value & meaning to life and make life worth living, then she wouldn’t, for the love of God, write a story for her puppets which deprived them of the very things she enjoys. She would truly understand and would resort to alternative and fair measures instead. Sadly, the puppets just dance along and move their limbs whichever direction the puppeteer decides. One day the puppeteers would decide that the puppets wear any mask, the next day, any is not good enough anymore - the masks have to be special ones…and the madness would continue. It’s evidently a yo-yo syndrome so the question is: will any of the puppets ever come alive and ask: Why now? What next and What can I expect tomorrow?

So why now? Why the constant changes, and why all the weird Änderungen & Neuigkeiten? Well some would say because the cases are rising when the real answer is: no one truly knows the full story nor how the virus works - not even the politicians and scientists. Which is rather ironic come to think of it in terms of running a puppet show. If you don’t have a story, why try to run a puppet show? You have all the puppets but you don’t have the full story? Anyone who says puppets don't come alive, has missed the moral of this whole analogy. He or she might as well be one of the puppets who came alive but would rather remain quiet.

Now this puppet show is a very special one. Alas, it has no audience!

One would argue that an audience is the most important part of any show since without it, there would be no show. As a member of the audience, one actually gets to decide if one would buy a ticket or not and if one wants to be a part of the show or not. But apparently the world is turning into a place where there are only puppet masters and stringed puppets so what happens? The puppeteers create a sleepy-eyed audience – one who applauds their flawed show and insults other puppets who have their eyes wide open.

Well I guess each one of us has to decide if we want to be a puppet, a real audience, create a completely new role for ourselves, or be our own story maker. But then again a very difficult decision…since fear and money make the world go round and the puppeteers clearly know this.

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