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The Absorbent Syndrome

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Have you ever been in such a heightened state that you start soaking up thoughts and energy vibrations around you, some of which are clearly not good for you but you know deep down that they are lessons to be learned? Various life events could trigger it but not necessarily. It's an experience which could take you on a journey of self-discovery but one which could also ignite what I like to call "The Absorbent Syndrome". Simply put, you’re very open, raw, vulnerable, and are prone to soaking up energy vibrations around you - like an absorbent.

Being in this state is good on some levels. It's good for creativity but it also means that you can’t be around everyone. It’s a time when you need to surround yourself with goodness & love, and a time to be extremely cautious of the company you keep.

When the experience ends, it would feel like you’ve gained as well as lost a part of yourself. Yet, it wouldn’t feel like it’s in a bad way. It would feel like a part of the learning process. Once you find out the lesson to be learned, the realization will transport you to the next phase of your soul's journey. Only when you have confronted all the shadows will the light be revealed to you. The experience would often turn out to be a beautiful process of transformation and you would be able to look back with gratitude.

We are all energy vibrations and we interact with each other through these vibrations whether we are aware of it or not. This is sometimes brought into our awareness through synchronicity and coincidences. What is important is to learn to interact with energy which is in line with your true purpose. Always trust and listen to your instinct.

Sometimes we fall off track and we experience or do things we wouldn’t approve of. What matters is getting back on track and understanding the lesson we’re meant to learn out of the experience. It’s also important to recognise which emotions to act upon and which ones we have to sit out and observe. Always remember that every experience or feeling – good or bad – is worth the amount of attention and value we assign to it.

Now we have spring at our doorsteps. The blossoming of trees, the awakening life, and jubilant sounds of birds, all signifying new beginnings. For me, Spring symbolizes rebirth. It’s a time when various lifeforms awaken after a long slumber and hibernation. It’s the perfect time to do some spring cleaning, not just in our homes, but within our beings. So if you’ve been very absorbent lately and you’ve soaked up something which is not in line with your true purpose, now is the perfect time to:

Rinse off. Cleanse. Protect.


What are your thoughts on the absorbent syndrome? Have you or someone you know had a similar experience? I would love to read your comments.

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