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The One Gift The World Can't Take Away

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

It is true that we sometimes encounter people who appear in our lives for a very short period of time and their task is to teach us something. The lessons are designed to help us overcome hurdles along the way as we move on to the next level of our soul’s evolution. Whether or not we learn the valuable lessons, is up to us. Your calling is being shaped by all the experiences you’re going through in life.

During my first few years of being in Germany, I encountered such individuals or guides as I like to call them. My early years in Germany were filled with so much mystery, uncertainty and yet with so much purpose which at the time seemed blurry to me. What I can say is that I learned a lot from the situations and people I met along the way and from the impact they had in my life. One particular and unusual guide I met had the divine task of shaking me out of my comfort zone and inspired me to change my perspective. I remember the guide always saying to me: “Grace you don’t belong here. You belong in a city”. It was true in a way as I had moved from a multicultural London to a very small town where people stared at me all the time, even to the point of rudeness. Some people where nice and some were outright mean and not even subtle about it. My early experience in Germany left a tremendous impact on me, and I’m thankful for that. Whenever I look back, I feel gratitude. 

One thing is for sure: every single occurrence in life - the good, the bad, and the ugly, help to shape the path that will lead us towards our true life purpose. They transform us into becoming who were were always meant to be.

The one particular experience I would like to share in this blog happened within the first few years of my being in Germany. Amongst the very few friends I made back then when I moved to Germany was someone whom I fondly like to call a gothic lord and a conflicted magician. Of course he was no magician, just a dear friend 😅. But I constantly perceived a pull and push in the energy field this friend was surrounded in, like a battle between light and darkness. It was mystifying, and hard to put into words. He always asked me how I could be so happy. He was genuinely bewildered that I could find happiness and gratitude in my predicament and didn’t understand how I could be isolated in a foreign country with no family and hardly any friend, and yet be so happy. He was genuinely trying to “figure” me out. "I don't get it Grace", he would say to me. Now thinking about it, I think he must have considered me a case-study 😂

I remember on one particular day, him saying to me: “Grace, I think this happiness you have about you might be your thing”. Back then, I didn’t know what that meant and I just laughed it off. But today, I now realise the truth in those words. It took me years to fully understand what the “thing” meant for me and now I can say with confidence that I know. The “thing” as I have now come to realise it to be, is a portal.

Happiness and gratitude combined together create a portal - a gateway to miracles and abundance. This is ancient wisdom. Without happiness and gratitude, fulfilling any dream would be as hard as forcing an orange through a keyhole. I was tapping into this ancient wisdom without even being aware of it back then.

So the message is: be happy without reasons. Be grateful without attachments, for happiness and gratitude are the very essence of your being. Feeling good is feeling God. Feeling God ignites the co-creative abilities instilled in you by the great creator. Happiness, love and gratitude is the language of your soul. It is the vibration you should be sending out into the universe. Be happy and grateful just for the sake of it. Not because something happened to make you feel that way but because you are a testimony of life. For joy is life and when you vibrate joy, it comes back to you multiplied. It is a gift you don’t get from the world and one the world can not take away from you.💖

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