Grace Denker

Grace Denker’s story is one of a black woman who journeyed from Nigeria, her country of origin, to Europe in the late 1990’s to explore new territories and exercise her independence from a male-oriented culture that she had been born into.

After losing her biological father, she was taken in by her maternal uncle who worked as an Engineer and Managing Director for the German multinational company Bilfinger Berger and had close ties with Germany and its culture. Her relationship with her uncle exposed her to the German culture which immensely fascinated her. Having moved to the United Kingdom, finishing her studies and completing a degree in International Business, Economics and Accounting in London, she was determined to follow her uncle's footsteps. Denker then went on to do an internship in the same company from which her uncle had retired. She developed her own contacts and connections which later led her to make the decision of taking up the German nationality and settling down in Germany – the country she now calls home. 


Her uncle was a major influence in Denker’s life. He was a charismatic gentleman and a mentor who she loved and always respected. Denker describes her maternal uncle as a feminist in a male-dominated country who treated women with the respect they truly deserve. As he helped her mum through her financial difficulties after the death of her father and provided her with so many opportunities which led to her moving to Germany, the country she always wanted to be in, Denker's uncle will always hold a special place in her heart.

Finally, Denker moved to Germany from London in 2006 and worked as a teacher and director of studies at Berlitz till 2009. Denker, then, decided to start her own company in the field of education. After establishing her language school in 2009 and successfully running and directing the company for several years, Denker decided to pursue her secret passion – the Arts. In 2017, she established another company: Art.Craft.Living in the heart of Hamburg. This company encompasses the Grace Denker Gallery and Grace Denker Productions (the films division). The opening of her Gallery marked the beginning of Denker realising her creative goals and visions without inhibitions.

Denker considers art to be an integral part of her personal and professional life. In 2017, she debuted “BINATIA” in the Grace Denker Gallery, featuring her very own art creations and revealing works spanning from the years 2013–2017, which she had been secretly working on. In June 2018, she took the next creative step to writing, producing and directing the award-winning film Edda Tudor (2018, 77 min). Denker’s work peers into the human condition and addresses the themes of intense emotions, transformation, love and healing.

Currently, Denker runs both businesses successfully, provides employment opportunities in Hamburg, supports German and international artists and has developed a social network of artists, art-collectors and art-supporters. She has proven to be a black woman who overcame racial and gender barriers and has been embraced by households of every ethnicity and race in Germany.


February 2019

Edda's long-lost brother, Daniel, reappears after more than a decade and brings back memories of pain, anxiety and blackmail. This film shows Edda dealing with a sudden loss as well as trying to figure out what her brother's sudden reappearance means.

January 2020

Pre-production phase.




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